Questions about Beyerdynamic DT990


Oct 20, 2013
I have been using a hyperx cloud (mark 1) headset for a while now. Although they sound amazing for their price I am looking to upgrade a bit.

Another reason I'm looking for an upgrade is that I have been having issues with the mic that comes with the Hyperx. The connection becomes loose overtime which makes them cut in and out. Also, my friends say it sounds pretty shitty through teamspeak.

I did a bit of research and found the DT990's. They are within my price range (£150 or less) and look pretty good. But I have a few questions which I have struggled to find answers to:

1) Will they be an improvement for listening to rock music? I heard that because they are open back they won't be as punchy as the hyperx clouds, is this true?

2) What kind of Amp/Dac do I need to be looking at? a sub £100 one would be what I am looking for, are there any in that price range which would actually make a difference over my current Xonar 5.1 card?

3) will a mod mic 4.0 sound better than the inbuilt mic in the hyperx? Are there any other attachable mic options which would be better than the Mod mic?

4)Any headphones that would better suit my requirements? They will be used for FPS gaming and listening to rock music. Sound quality of the music is more important than situational stuff in games.

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Dec 27, 2011
1) I do not have the DT990s but they will be a improvement for any music you plan on listening to compared to your old set, the punchyness will be better, and the open back will lead to better sound space separation.

2) almost every DAC/AMP in that price range with good reviews will work for you, and will be better then the Xonar card.

3) The Mod Mic is better then almost every headset mic, so if you were having people complain it definitly is going to be better.

4) Since you are jumping into audio stuff head first I find the audio reviewer 'Z Reviews', he does youtube videos and posts on reddit; here is a audio guide he has