Quickcam 3000 Pro of Logitech isn't working


Jun 23, 2003

I recently decided to install my webcam again, its a Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 but im having some problems with it. Whenever I install the software that is downloadable from the logitech site (that software is exactly the same as the software on the cd) and install it all goes fine.. although it seems that way.

When i reboot my computer after having it installed, the software asks me to insert the plug in the USB port. So i do this. Then all of a sudden window's own Hardware installer comes into play and installs it. Eventually it asks for a driver called CamDrL21.sys

I have this file on my CD but it date back to 2001. I miracoulously found one on my harddisk as well and that one dates to october 2002. When i select the one on my harddisk windows fails to start up again so i select the one from the CD (note that the cd is older than the instal package i downloaded from the site)

All seems well after that and i reboot. However, the green light above my camera is on ALL the time now. Meaning its recording or something. But whenever i start software to actually view stuff the light turns off, thus my webcam is offline. So something is mixed up?

I already tried to install this webcam on my other computer but the same error seems to return.

I have win 2k pro, Geforce 4 ti4600, 1024mb Ram and enough diskspace. My other computer is also win 2kpro but with 128 mb ram and a TNT 2. Furthermore i've got all the critical updates and service packs for windows. What can i do to fix this problem?

My guess is, this CamDrL21.sys file is too old but i can't find a newer version on the internet or on the logitech site. I desperatly need help.

Thanks in advance,
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