Radio Shack 12-in-one 60-2159



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Does anyone have an owner's manual or anything describing how to play the
games on this lap-sized machine? It has 12 "Simon"-type square buttons, and
is battery-operated. Help!


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Different part number, but I think the same game:

Computerized Arcade Game
(600-2495) Operation Faxback Doc. # 16837

1. Slide OFF/ON to ON to turn on the arcade. The game buttons light up
in sequence and the arcade plays a tune.

2. To select a game, press and hold the desired game number button until
it flashes.

Or, press and hold SELECT. When the desired button lights up, release

3. Press START to start the game.

4. To stop the game, press SELECT.

NOTE: To play another game, repeat Steps 2-4.

5. To turn off the arcade, slide OFF/ON to OFF.


Discover your musical talent by playing the arcade like an organ. Each of
the 12 game buttons produces a different note. Press the buttons to play
a tune.


Young composers will surely appreciate the arcade's ability to record
songs! The arcade memorizes a tune (up to 80 notes including rests) as
you play it.

To begin recording, simply begin pressing the desired game buttons. To
include a rest in your song, press SPACE-2.

To review or play back your song at any time, press PLAY-2/HIT-7. To add
to your song, simply begin pressing the desired game buttons again.

To begin recording a new song, press START.

To continuously play back your recorded song, press REPEAT-2.

You can stop continuous playback in any of these three ways:

Press and hold REPEAT-2 then resume composing

Press START to begin recording a new song

Press SELECT to select a new game.


Play the musical notes in the order the arcade plays them, and see how far
your memory takes you.

The arcade plays notes and lights the matching game buttons.

To answer correctly, "repeat" the notes by pressing the same buttons in
the same order.

If you progress and successfully repeat the maximum 40-note sequence, the
arcade plays a special winner's tune!

If you play an incorrect note, the arcade makes a buzzing sound, lights up
the correct button, then the game is over.

REPEAT Scoring

When the game is over, the arcade tells you your score by flashing one of
its game buttons, as shown in the following chart.

Number of Flashing
Correct Notes Button

1-7 1
8-15 2
16-23 3
24-31 4
32-39 5
40 Winner's Tune


An enemy submarine enters your territorial waters. You are tasked by the
high command to track down and destroy this submarine.

Fire a "torpedo" by pressing a button where you suspect the submarine is
"hiding." If the button flashes and beeps, the submarine is on the same
row (up/down or left/right) as the button you've pressed. If you score a
direct hit, the arcade plays a triumphant victory tune!

The arcade gives you three torpedoes to sink the sub. If you miss with
all three, the correct button flashes and a buzzer sounds, then the game
is over.

Good luck, captain!


There are 110 moles on the loose! How many can you catch?

The game buttons randomly flash, one after another. As quickly as
possible, press each button while it is lit. If you press the button soon
enough, you "catch the mole." The arcade sounds a short beep and adds one
"mole point" to your score.

Go on - catch as many as you can!

TAG-IT Scoring

After the mole chase ends, the arcade plays a short tune, then tells you
your score by flashing one of its game buttons, as shown in the following

Number of Moles Flashing
You Caught Button

0 None
1-9 1
10-19 2
20-29 3
30-39 4
40-49 5
50-59 6
60-69 7
70-79 8
80-89 9
90-99 10
100-109 11
110 12


Try your luck with computerized, casino-style roulette!

Roulette can be played by two or more people. One person acts as the
dealer, handling the bets and payouts. All others place bets.

Each player places a bet on one or more game buttons using the supplied
playing board and chips, then the dealer presses START. The outer game
buttons light up one after another in a clockwise sequence, resembling a
spinning roulette wheel.

NOTE: Game buttons 6 and 7 are not used while playing Roulette.

The light sequence stops after a few seconds, the last button in the
sequence stays lit, then the arcade beeps to indicate the roulette wheel
has stopped.

If a player bet on that button, he/she wins the bet. The dealer pays each
player for a winning bet as shown on the game board and in the following

Bet Odds

Single Number Pays 8 to 1

Split Bets (Any Pays 4 to 1
one of the two

Odd or Even Pays 1 to 1


The arcade lets you play baseball right in your living room! No windows
to break, no frustrating rain. You can play by yourself or with a friend.

The supplied playing board is the baseball field, and PLAY-2/HIT-7 on the
arcade is the bat.

Press START to pitch the ball. The "ball" (represented by the game
buttons) flashes and moves randomly. Press PLAY-2/HIT-7 to hit the ball.
The ball stops moving, the game beeps, then a button flashes, indicating
the result of your at-bat, as shown below.

Button Result

1 Triple
2 Out
3 Out
4 Single
5 Out
6 Home Run
7 Out
8 Out
9 Single
10 Out
11 Double
12 Out

Use the supplied chips to keep track of the base-runners, score, and number
of outs on the playing board. Each player gets three outs per inning.
There are nine innings (standard baseball rules apply).


Who has the best memory? Challenge your friends with the Repeat Plus game
to find out!

One player presses a button to start the game. Then the second player
presses that key and adds one more. The next player repeats the sequence
and adds one more, and so on.

Play continues until:

A player makes a mistake, then the game is over and the last player
that successfully repeated all notes wins.

The sequence reaches 40 notes in length (the maximum), and a player
repeats all 40 notes. Then all players win!

NOTE: When the game ends, the arcade plays a short tune, then tells you
your score by flashing one of its game buttons. Scoring for Repeat
Plus is the same as for Repeat (Game 3).


Ali Baba's map to his famed treasure is claimed to be hidden in up to three
of the twelve "boxes" (game buttons) now in your possession. Can you find

Press three buttons in sequence to make your guess. Watch out - the
arcade might have selected a button more than once.

If at least one of your guesses is correct, the arcade gives you one of
the following clues, then you can try to find the rest of the treasure.

A tune means you guessed them all!

Buttons 1 and 2 flash if you pressed two correct buttons.

Button 1 flashes if you pressed one correct Button.

If all of your guesses were incorrect, the correct buttons flash and the
game is over.


In this game, two players compete to see who can react the fastest.

One player uses buttons 1, 2, 3, and 4, and the other player uses 9, 10,
11, and 12. For the best position, the players should face each other with
the arcade between them so each players' row of buttons is in front them.

The game buttons in the middle row (5, 6, 7, and 8) randomly flash for a
few seconds, then stop. To answer correctly, a player must press the
button in his/her row that is next to the last button lit.

The first player to answer correctly scores 1 point.

If a player answers incorrectly, the arcade awards 1 point to the other
player, then the game continues.

The first player to score 5 points wins the game.


Alien invaders are attacking our planet! Man your battle station for

Fire Away is a one-player game. Position the arcade horizontally in front
of you, with buttons 1, 2, 3 and 4 away from you. Those buttons represent
the attacking invaders. Buttons 9, 10, 11 and 12 represent your missiles.

The invader buttons randomly flash for a few seconds, one at a time, then
stop. The arcade beeps to indicate the start of an attack, then a center
button (buttons 5-8) flashes to show the direction of the attack. Quickly
fire a missile in that direction by pressing one of your missile buttons
to destroy the invader.

The invaders can attack in the following ways:

Straight ahead


If you press the correct button soon enough, you destroy the invader.

If you do not press the correct button, or if you press the correct button
too late, the arcade buzzes to indicate the invader destroyed your

The arcade gives you 10 missiles (chances) to destroy the invader force.


After the game ends, the arcade plays a short tune, then tells you your
score by flashing one of its game buttons, as shown in the following chart.

Number of Flashing
Invaders Button
Shot Down

1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 10


Play Hide 'N Seek to test and improve your reasoning power! the arcade
makes up a 3-color, secret code and you have to guess the code, including
the correct colors in the right order.

The computer selects the code only from game buttons 9, 10, 11 and 12. To
enter your guess, press three of those buttons in the order you think is
correct. But watch out, it might use the same color more than once!

If you guess at least one correct color in the correct position, the arcade
gives you one of the clues shown in the following chart and you get another

Flashing Button Clue Meaning

1 2 5 6

* One correct color in the correct position.

* * One correct color in the correct position, one cor-
rect color in the wrong position.

* * * One correct color in the correct position, two cor-
rect colors in the wrong position.

* * Two correct colors in the correct positions.

Happy Tune Three correct colors in the correct positions - you
(Oh, Susanna!) win!

Sorry Tune No correct colors - you lose!

*Indicates a flashing button.

Buttons 1 and 2 flash to indicate the number of correct color(s) in
the wrong position(s).

Buttons 5 and 6 flash to indicate the number of correct guesses.

If your guess is wrong, the buttons flash to show you the correct code
sequence, the arcade plays a sorry tune, then the game is over.