Random Pages Popup


Mar 12, 2016
Hello! I made a mistake and it causes my system crazy but it was all fine now. But recently when I browse along the web pages and clicked anywhere, adpages popup to my browsers (Chrome, Opera, IE, Firefox). I double checked everything to see if there's any chance an extension, registry key, or software being installed. But none of them exist in my system, either my browser's extension. I was a bit afraid because it could hack all my forum accounts, social media accounts and etc. The most frequent adpage is Pipeschannel. I have scanned it with AVG, Adware Removal Tool by TSA and they showed some detections but they were all removed but still it occurs. How?
I know Malwarebytes is the answer for this.


Malwarebytes Antimalware is never a bad place to start....


Any mysterious processes in task manager?

(Some malware can imbed itself so deeply that you can choose between chasing it for 7-10 hours, or, format/full Windows reinstall in from 5-20 minutes, depending on your system's storage speed)

Many ad-blocking extensions are fake, and, oddly enough, cause pop-ups. Get rid of all of them if you don't know which are legit.


Jul 11, 2017
It seems like you are dealing with adware. Malware designed to create traffic to dangerous websites. Malwarebytes will obviously help you, but a couple of additional recommendations will help you. You said recently, did something change? An update or something similar happened that started this? Let us try figuring something out.

I recommend doing the following steps after restarting your computer in "Safe mode with networking." Scanning and removing viruses while Windows is in normal mode occasionally doesn't help.

Some extensions, even after using them for an extended period can eventually be malicious, maybe a new update in an add-on. I recommend disabling all of them and checking whether that helps. Are you certain that no new software or unrecognized software was installed? If you aren't, you can sort installed apps by date, see if the recent ones are not suspicious. Because if all of the browsers are affected, it leads to system-wide infection.

After you confirm or deny of such software/add-ons, scan your PC with your previously mentioned Malwarebytes and Hitman Pro, these two software's should deal with most of the malicious issues. Additionally, you can scan your PC with any anti-virus software of your choice just to be sure.

Restart your PC to normal mode, do an additional scan with Malwarebytes. This should solve the issues.

For future reference, you can install an Adblock in your browser to prevent malicious infections through ads. Good luck!