Razer Blade for school/coding?


Sep 20, 2016
I'm in highschool and I'm looking for a new computer.
I'm going to be using it for:

  • Coding:

    • Web Development
      Visual Studio
    After Effects(Nothing professional, and nothing like 4K. Export times don't really matter to me, just something to mess around with)

    Support for 2 monitors(at least one additional)

    Internet Browsing
    Other light stuff
I'm currently looking at the "New" Razer Blade. It should start shipping in October, but the specs look like what I would need, plus more.
So far when I'm comparing it to other laptops, it beats them all. I also need this to last, so I think this should be perfect. Before I buy it I'm trying to see if there are really and downsides to The Razer Blade, besides the battery life. I'm not going to be bringing this to school, until college (If this lasts me).

If I am wrong please correct me, I believe the "New" Razer blade is being shipped at the beginning of October, I couldn't find any specifics on this. Even if I could save money on a cheaper computer, I don't think it can beat this.

Sorry for the long spiel, but the question is are there any other computers, better than this, with this level of portability/weight, that are better than this. Some other laptops are just humongous and I don't want to have to lug it around. Portability is a big thing for me. Also, this computer looks amazing, I might get a skin to help with fingerprints, but I love this laptop.
If you can find the laptop then I can judge if it is made to code or not. The razor blade 2016 will be able to handle coding and the adobe products with ease.