Solved! Re-using old speakers with a bluetooth amp

Aug 12, 2019
I have an inherited older turntable/receiver and its paired speakers collecting dust and would like to re-purpose the speakers. I would like to mount them in the garage and be able to push music to them via bluetooth and preferably even use them for better sound on an old garage TV. Due to space and dust I don't want to use the old stereo receiver at all.

After some research on the forums I found some basic bluetooth amps. I'm hoping someone can sanity check my thought process here...

These are the two bluetooth amps I found that seem like potential options:

1) The speakers have their own audio wires which are terminated similar to an RCA connector (photo below). I'm assuming I can just cut off those ends and either use the two bare wires on option 1 or install what look like banana plug style connectors for option 2?

2) I've spent the afternoon trying to wrap my head around speaker power rating, crossover, and impedance vs amplifier ratings. Either amp seems okay to me for these speakers. Should I have any concerns? Speaker ratings are in the photo below.

3) Are these speakers worth the effort to save or should any of their ratings give me cause for concern? They sound better through their paired turntable/receiver than my living room Samsung soundbar does with my TV or bluetooth but will a standalone amp somehow make the speakers sound worse than the stock Zenith system?

Thank you for your time and for your patience with my lack of knowledge!


I would get the Fosi audio amp from those two if you are looking at things that are cheap. I would not cut the wire they came with but get new wire with the correct ends. These look well made or if you have rca cables already

A lot more expensive but fun unit, you can use it as a very good sound card for your computer, headphone amp, for speakers, with Bluetooth
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