Really stupid question. Single pre out on the receiver to double RCA on subwoofer.

Sep 6, 2018
I want to connect a RX-V1900 and a Epik Legend.
The receiver has a single pre out and the subwoofer, active one, has two RCA(red and white).

Did some tests, and the sub will fire up and play when I go from pre out to white RCA connection on the sub. It's marked with low level input.
I'm just wondering is this correct? Will both elements play?


yes you should be good to go, the sub/LFE output on the amp has both channel signals so will play L/R.

Looking here it says "RCA dedicated LFE and Crossover inputs" and looking at the pics, the white is "LFE" and the red is "crossover" and adjustable via the crossover dial.

I am curious if you plug in the white and red at the same time (normal L/R input) that it will use both white and red to use for the crossover, or if you have to have your L/R pre-mixed to just use the red crossover input. Can't seem to find a manual for it anywhere, since you have LFE out I guess you don't need to worry about it lol.


The sub out of the receiver is a single mono bass only output that has both the crossover frequency, that limits how high in frequency the woofer plays, and the level set in the receiver. When you set up the receiver you or the receiver determines which speakers are capable of playing bass and the receiver removes that bass from all the "small" channels, adds the LFE channel bass and sends it to the subwoofer.
It would normally connect to the LFE input which bypasses the crossover in the sub. This way the crossovers don't interact. The level control and phase switch on the sub still work in most cases.
The other input has its' own low pass crossover for other applications. It doesn't seem to actually have stereo inputs. They are red and white because that is the way they always come. It would be more expensive to make them the same or other colors. That sub can't be used correctly in a two channel application unless you have 2 of them.
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