Realtek Digital Test DOES NOT WORK & NO SOUND


Feb 8, 2010
Dear Sirs,
I have vista 64bit [Asus P5W DH Delux Motherboard ATI Crossfire Ready Intel Quad CPU etc.].
Realtek Digital Output will not work for the 'test' I have no sound from speekers at all from cd audio or DVD etc.
Volume Mixer - Device - Realtek Digital Output, does show a reading in green when music plays, but no sound.
SOUND - PLAYBACK - SPEAKER (Realtek High Definition audio)[right click] 'Test'. Test is ok. But no green tick box?
Below in Sound - Playback (as above) there is Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Defintion audio) has a green ticked circle and a reading grenn bar when 'Test' is done but no sound. Speakers hardware are all ok.
Trouble started when I downloaded Asus DH Remote software. I also do not know the 'Path' for this.
Please can you help ? :hello:

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