[Realtek] No Audio Output Device is Installed (PLEASE HELP)


Aug 20, 2015
So I shut down my laptop yesterday (Lenove Y50-70) and heard a really loud popping noise from my speakers. I've heard it happen before, so I was unfazed. When I rebooted it later, everything seemed normal - except for this pesky red X on my little system tray speaker icon thing. I use the Realtek HD Audio Manager that came with my system, but nothing I do seems to solve the issue. Here's what I've tried so far.
1. Reboot, didn't work
2. Reinstall drivers from Lenovo, didn't work
3. Reinstall generic Realtek HD Audio Drivers, didn't work
4. Disable and enable drivers from device manager, didn't work
5. Refresh, didn't work
6. Safe mode reboot and reinstall drivers, didn't work
7. Restore, didn't work
8. Disable Microsoft UAA (not called that anymore but basically the basic windows audio controller), didn't work
9. Open Realtek Audio Control Panel, didn't even open, let alone work

If anyone could help with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Lenovo Y50-70
i7 4700HQ
Windows 8.1 (with most recent updates)

Another thing to note is that NONE of my live tiles on the start screen work.
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