Receiver and Sounbdbar compatibility and use


Feb 3, 2015
I am working on a new project. I was given a Soundbar as a gift. It is Vizio 38" powered unit, with a bluetooth sub and 2 satellite speakers wired to it. My issue is my components. Right now I have cable, DVD/CD player, Blue Ray, DVD burner, Sony PS and XBOX all hooked to the receiver. Everything goes to my surround sound out of the receiver. I want to add the soundbar system to this but I cannot figure out how to get sound to the new Sound bar. There does not seem to be any appropriate output for this from any receiver I have looked at. Some have suggested HDMI out to the TV and then TV to the Sound bar. That seems to be appropriate for most components, however, wont I lose the sound from the AM/FM/CD since those do not go out to TV? Also, how much do I lose in sound quality with this setup.

Currently I have the soundbar for cable only using the optical out from the cable box. I also have it connected to my receiver so I am getting sound to both. My receiver is non HDMI old unit that I am looking to replace once I have the right solution. Looking for someone with a lot more knowledge here than this novice. If it comes to having to have certain things on the soundbar and others through the receiver I can deal just wouldn't be optimum. Thanks!
If you have speakers connected to the receiver then trying to use both your receiver surround system and the soundbar system at the same time will just screw up both of them. If you wanted to use it as a 2nd sound system with the TV then just connect it to the TV with optical and to the receiver record out with analog. That should allow all sources to play. If your receiver had an optical audio output then that would work too.
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