Question Recently removed my broken battery from my laptop but now my clock speed is stuck


Jul 11, 2018
Hi everyone, my laptop's battery were broken for quite sometime now, so yesterday, My charger suddenly started to fail therefor my laptop quickly shuts down. so I went to the mall to buy another charger and realized that i should have the battery removed because it can enlarge inside and potentially destroy my laptop, and when it got opened it is enlarged already, then I failed to see that my laptop after the battery got removed was suddenly stuck at low speed therefor i didnt told the person who removed the battery. So now I ask is there a possible way i could fix my laptop ?, the power plan settings is already at best performance. please help thanks

my laptop is HP pavilion power laptop 15-cb0xx


Are you running it without the battery? Check in the BIOS to see if speedstep is enabled and also for any other CPU speed options that may lock the speed. When you removed the battery it may have reset the BIOS settings.
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