Record Player Speakers Questions


Sep 4, 2013
Hello everyone I have a question regarding hooking external speakers up to a record player/radio with built in speakers.

The record player I have is a Memorex model 2602 made in 2004 I believe. It plays records and also has built in speakers to play the radio. On the back on the record player it says "line out" above 2 rca plugs, one white labeled right and the other red labeled left. Also on the back are a few model specs that I will list here:

Frequency Range: AM 530 - 1710KHz, FM 88 - 108 MHz
Power Source: AC 120V, 60Hz, 15W

The external speakers that I have currently our Pioneer Project 80. Specs on the back of the speaker I will list here:

Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
Frequency Range: 35-20,000Hz
Max input power: 20W
Rated input power: 10W

I have found speaker wire that will go from rca to speaker wire to fit this setup, but I guess im wondering if I need a receiver/amp. Would it be possible to run a cable from this record player to external speakers with out receiver? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Aug 27, 2013
I would suggest getting an audio receiver. At the very least it will help to amplify the sound from the record player that often is outputted vat lower levels that wanted. Depending on the model receiver you decide to go with, you may also have the option to manipulate the sound even more to your liking via a built-in EQ or other sound imaging parameters. Check out what Pioneer has to off as far as receivers go. Take a look at these two receivers I've listed below.

-*Pioneer VSX-822-K 400W
-*Pioneer VSX-1020-K

Lead AV Tech, AA Rental
If you connect he speakers to the RCA outputs it may not play very loud if they are for connecting to an stereo or av system and will not power your speakers. You won't hurt anything by trying. You could however modify the record player to hookup to the outside speakers. You could disconnect the wiring from the internal speakers and splice speaker wire going to your external ones. Not hard to do. If you are happy with the result you could neaten it up with a switch and speaker terminals. The amp inside of the record player is probably about 2 watts so it may not play loud enough for you without a receiver, integrated amp, or power amp with volume control.