Recovering CD surround sound channels from a stereo amplifier output terminals?


Dec 7, 2016
Using a vintage stereo amp (L & R only) to play various CDs. Some CDs say Dolby Digital or whatever, some say nothing about stereo or surround. Some passages are very weak compared to all the others. I suspect some of those passages may where most of the sound is in surround channels. Once I read that surround sound can be recovered from a stereo amp by connecting a third speaker between L+ and R- terminals or some such arrangement. Is this correct, or should it be between R+ and L+ or something else? I am retired, do not plan to replace this receiver until it no longer amplifies CDs. Any helpful idea from someone who has solved a similar problem would be greatly appreciated.
If there is such a thing (a big if) is been relegated to a very distance corner of the audio world nobody goes to.

The thing I remember is Surround Pro Logic, one of its modes, it takes 2 channel information and it synthesizes? output for 2 rear channel speakers, BUT it still requires an amplifier with 4 channels amplification and 4 speakers.

CD with Dolby Surround... sheeese, the only thing I can think of they threw in a special track in there for folks who have the equipment to play it, am betting my lunch money not with a plain stereo receiver.
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