Removing adware from Chrome(;


Jun 10, 2017
One fine day, I (on Windows 7) opened Google Chrome, just to see the 'New Tab Page' to be replaced by a different page, which appeared to be from ''
Also, ads, web beacons, pop-ups appear, hampering my work. The virus keeps spreading too. Like, more and more adverts show up.
I tried uninstalling the program using the normal Windows method, but the program wasn't there.
Tried scanning through my system with my antivirus, which is from Kaspersky, by the way, but nothing showed up
Tried other programs, but still nothing shows up.
Nothing's in the extensions tab in Chrome, and I've looked through the target in the shortcut. Turns out to be fine.
I've been through the Registry too.
*Update* Never mind. I solved the problem by using Adware Cleaner by Malwarebytes :)