Replay TV IR Blaster Trouble


Nov 18, 2012
Equipment is RTV 5040 Connected through a Motorola 2244, Comcast Cable: IR blaster stopped working to change channels. I checked the thread IR blaster regarding channel changes and got the cable box will turn on and the IR blaster is sending a signal to change channels. Channels change but not accurately. Using the channel guide to select a two digit channel number usually ends up being a single digit channel selection when the IR signal reaches the cable box. A three digit channel selection like 123 displays 111 on the cable box and goes to channel 1 Video on Demand. What suggestions could you have to help correct this problem?
1. Make sure you have the right codes for the Motorola box. If there is more than one code for Motorola try the other ones.
2. If the IR emitter is right over the IR receiver in the Motorola it could be overloading it which makes for really strange intermittent problems. Move the emitter away from the box and see if that works.