Restriction and keeping private files from people around my pc


Aug 3, 2014

I am throwing a party tomorrow and I am going to use spotify to play some music via the 5.1 I got hooked to my pc. The problem is that I do not want the people around to sniff in my drives. Is there any third party app that would just make the spotify always on top and when someone would want to access the drives, it would require a password?

I am looking for a one-day solution so, nothing extremely complicated.


Math Geek

Oct 15, 2014
simplest way would be to start spotify and let a password protected screensaver turn on. no one would be able to access the pc without the password except for you.

why would party goers need to mess with your pc if you simply want to let spotify run? will they be changing the station over and over and over......?


Aug 3, 2014
If I set a password protected screensaver, they won't be able to change the music. I just want them not to dig through the files when I leave the computer to do the bbq.
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