Right speaker not working on Lenovo headset


Sep 24, 2012
I've had a very good Lenovo headset for about 2 years now (I don't know what model, but it looks exactly like this http://support.lenovo.com/ContentResources/Migrated%20Assets/pc/support/site_wss/64782_headset_01r.jpg) and recently, the foam ear comforters on the speakers got ripped apart by a certain cat... So, I took the ear rings from another headset. They're not exactly shaped ideally for putting on the headset. The rings are oval-shaped, but the speakers on the the headset are circular. I put them on, and it worked fine for about an hour, before the right speaker (the one closest to the microphone) stopped working entirely. What could have happened? How do I fix it?
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