ROKU 3 VS Droidbox M8 Quadcore


Oct 9, 2009
I am looking for a streaming Android box, I've come across the following.

Chromecast, Nexus player, Apple TV, Roku 3 and Droidbox

The last two really caught my attention but I cannot find any comparisons online and I also dont know if they both have the same purpose.

Droidbox M8 s802
Roku 3

Please someone enlighten me :(
Not familiar with the Droidbox thing, but it seems like it streams via web/live streams, aka piracy. Will not comment on that, as it violates forum policies.

Roku is a really nice streaming device though. Compatible with a variety of apps and services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. Possibly some sports streaming services as well. Of course, many of those are subscription based, so you will need to actually pay for that. I don't know if it has the ability to stream via phones/tablets.

Personally, I use a Chromecast. Small, simple, works with pretty much all the same services that Roku offers albeit through different means. Has the added benefit of being able to mirror your Google Chrome tabs.

Apple TV doesn't work with Android devices, to my knowledge, so I'm not sure if it will be a viable option.