News Roku confirms video ads are coming to the home screen for millions — what you need to know

Apr 30, 2024
I have to thank Roku for assisting me in making my choice to use the numerous ad free services out there.

So far I do successfully block Ad... Err YouTube ads 99.9% of the time. the ironic thing is that when you listen to old time radio the people knew how to do ads and they are organic and actually part of the program. I listen to ads from 50-60 years ago and actually want to look at the products for the companies that are still in business today.

I see an ad from the same company today and it is obnoxious and intrusive and I want nothing to do with the company and product. I have to Compliment content creators when they do their own ads because many actually do make them as reasonably organic as possible and I watch those and patronize their sponsors.