Question Roku TCL dark Screen lines


Jun 24, 2010
TCL Smart LED TV 55FS3750 with an issue. Need help determining what to purchase. Power board, T-con board and/or LED light strip(s). Can use a VOM if needed. Symptoms - started with a dark section, top to bottom, just to right middle of screen. Occasional on/off blank screen flashing. Reduced brightness settings in screen menu setting which helped reduce /eliminate the amount of flashing. For a while. Another dark section appeared a month later on left side of screen. Occasional on/off flashing as above returned. Again reduced screen settings to "Dark" or darkest setting. This allows the screen to stay on without flashing on and off. The dark or faded sections, middle, and left, are continuously there. Let me know if the is any other troubleshooting or descriptions I can provide to assist in determining the issue or fault. Assume it's a power board issue but would like input before making a purchase. Thank you

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Jul 27, 2019
/The same thing just happened to me. The TV has been doing great up until now. I just have one line on the right side. Any luck figuring out how to remove it?


Jun 24, 2010
No luck yet.
Was hoping a tech person here would see the pic - know the problem was either X, Y or Z (T-Con, Power board or LED strip) and relay that info.

That hasn't happen yet.

Next step will probably be to take the TV down, remove the back and look for popped capacitor(s) tops on power board.

It's still in it's semi-working state so I haven't been in a rush.
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