Router software is not like the guide


Jul 25, 2016
Hi, I got an Edimax BR-6675nD and it works just fine. Recently I got a newer modem that also gives out wifi so I am trying to get my old router to work as a repeater. The router can be turned into a repeater according to the guide, but in the guide, the setup is not the same as the one I have on the installation disc. The one I have doesn't really have any advanced stuff, only password change, name change and thats it, while on the manual there is a setup that has everything I need. How to get the actual setup that I can access wireless settings?


If you have ever updated the firmware in your router, it may not look like the version in your manual. Also, sometimes the firmware gets updated at the factory after the manual has already printed. Anyhow, the version in the manual most likely doesn't match the current version of firmware in the router. See if there is an updated manual on the modem manufacturer's web site.