Question Running 4k 120 hz on a TV without dp or hdmi 2.1?

Jul 23, 2019
This may very well be a pipe dream, but I'd like to be able to send 4k 120 hz from my gigabyte rtx 2070 to my samsung 8000 55" TV. Whether or not the gpu can handle modern games at this framerate is frankly irrelevant as my interest is largely desktop and old games that can be forced to run at 4k.

The crux of my issue is bandwidth. While my gpu has display port 1.4 (which I believe can run 4k 120) the TV only has hdmi 2, and USB 3 ports. Neither of those can support the bandwidth to sustain 4k at 120 hz.

Is there anything I could do to get the amount of bandwidth by using multiple ports and cables? I know such a thing is possible with ethernet cables, but i have no idea if a signal could be sent over two different ports to a display. It won't be the end of the world if this isn't possible, as most games running above 60 fps at 4k isn't possible without super expensive rigs.

Now, this is probably a long shot, but as an addendum I don't mind some soldering, would it be possible to add a dp 1.4 port to a smart TV? I've done some searching but to no avail sadly.

Thanks in advance!
You can't add inputs to the TV.
You can't use USB (no drivers to use them except as the manufacturer intends).
Have you tried using the HDMI 2.0? If the card supports HDMI 2.0 you can try it.
I think the problem isn't so much HDMI as the TV panel itself may not be fast enough. The TV has "Motion Rate 240" but that is a processes to simulate a higher refresh rate. Doesn't tell you what the panel will natively support.
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