Question s9 heat walking

Feb 19, 2019
Hello. My s9 is getting hot when i am walking. I tried with flight mode(with bt, wifi off), maximum battery saver, deleting s-health, factory reset, android oreo and android pie.
None of the above solved my problem.
It is completely normal when i am travelling with my car, or sitting at table or while using it.
Is there anyone who experienced same situation, or anyone who can suggest somethings.
Exynos model
Thank you very much.
It depends. Where are you keeping it when walking?

Is it in your hand? If so, then the sensor could be turning on the display here and there and causing it to overheat with the mix of that and your body heat. Try carrying it away from your body heat.

Is it in your pocket? That can easily lead to overheating as the body heat will make many phones have issues. Again, try carrying it away from your body heat.

Are you leaving any apps running while carrying it? If so, I suggest you turn them off and then you can relaunch them after. See if this resolves the issue.

If none of the above works, or none of it applies (not how carrying, etc.) then I would have the phone looked at. Either by the manufacturer (if under warranty) or by a local tech if not.