Samsung 55 curved tv, darkess problem


Apr 11, 2016
So I have a the 55 inch curved Samsung tv and the picture seems to be slight darker (about 8 inches of the top part of the screen) than the rest. Ive called samsung and they were no help, I've called multiple tv repair companies and the consensus is that curved tvs are too new to really diagnose the issue and most places cant get parts for them anyways. Anyone else have this issue? Is it a backlight issue? I can still see the picture but its a few notches darker than the rest,

Rogue Leader

LED backlit Tv's are always going to be a bit blotchy in spots, I have the 65" curved TV and on a black screen you can see it. Happens on all of them. But if there is a significant difference then yes its a backlight issue. That said, I think at this point Samsung is the only one who can fix it.