Samsung 78KS9800 (9505 in Norway) problem


Jun 23, 2017
I am having problems in regard of my Samsung 78KS9505 (Norway). I think it is KS9800 i US.

When watching a movie or something, it can be netflix or hbo app on the smart tv, it sometimes flickers. One sees this often for instance if one person in the movie moves its hand fast - a green/read flicker can be seen around the hand or finger. When the hand i still it is perfect. It can also be around the shoulders etc. You can watch the link under to see what i mean.

I have done the following:
1: Factory reset - Samsung connected to the tv and reset it.
2. Smart Hub reset
3. Electricity cable got taken out for 10 min
4. Changed from 5g wifi to 2.4g wifi

Also, when connected thru a macbook pro thru a different hdmi port. The problem is on the tv, but not on the mac.

Could this be software related? Or is this hardware?