Samsung ATIV 4 or 7?


Jan 23, 2013
Hi guys,
I'm considering the two notebooks in the title.

ATIV book 4: (~$940)
ATIV book 7: (~$1,400)

I really love the 13,3" size of the 7, and I'd go for it in a heartbeat IF the slightly larger (15,6") but significantly cheaper ATIV 4 didn't look comparable in performance. The 4 looks like a great laptop to me specs wise, but I've never had a laptop before and would need your help in providing some insight on the portability of a 15,6" notebook. Do you think the slightly larger dimensions and weight would be a problem? Would the considerable price difference worth the smaller size and lighter weight of the 7?

As for specs, I'm sure I'd be happy with either of them and would go for a dedicated graphics card - I would use it mainly for Office, movies, maybe some games but the latter are not main priority (some older games up to AC2 are more than enough for me).

I picked these two considering the available models in the shop I want to buy at. Other options would be the more affordable Asus X550CC and some Lenovo Ideapads but I discarded those due to shorter battery life. So these two are pretty much what I'm interested in at the moment.

Any thoughts/comments would be welcome.

EDIT: I should probably add that while great and detailed reviews of the 7 can be found all over the internet, I was having a hard time finding any proper review of the 4 for some reason... Odd.