Question Samsung curved series 6 and Yamaha YAS 108

Mar 18, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I have a Samsung series 6 curved smart tv and recently purchased a Yamaha YAS-108 soundbar. I've hooked up the soundbar to the tv using the hdmi arc ports: from the yamaha - HDMI(ARC)OUT and to TV HDMI3(ARC)IN but, I'm not getting any sound at all. if I connect via bluetooth and an optical cable, the sound bar works, but not with HDMI selected. Can someone please help, I've been pulling my hair on this in the last couple days. I have disconnected all the connections for 10-15 mins as per recommendations from other google postings I've read online, I've reset the tv to factory default settings and yet, still couldn't get the sound bar to work with the tv. Appreciate and thanks everyone in advance for any help you can give.

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