News Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is really a $1,000 Note 20 Lite — here's why


Mar 7, 2020
Going to be interesting to see how this strategy plays out for them. I was torn between buying the Note 10 (standard size) or the S10+. Was so tempted by the Note 10 because I think the squared-off styling looks fantastic, but the battery life reports put me off so I went with the S10+

This time round, the Note20 doesn't even have what I would call true Note styling. It's more like the S series with a pen. Doesn't really add up to me. But both Note20 phones are too large for my liking, so I'm not a potential customer. The S10+ is about as far as I want to go on dimensions, so if I updated to the S20 series I'd actually buy the standard version since they all grew a few mm yet again.