Question Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 internal storage keeps filling up- no idea why- cannot keep it cleared and will not function?

Jul 24, 2019
My Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S- pen came with 16 gb internal storage and it keeps filling up- 16 gb of 16 gb internal storage is constantly full.
I can't even open a word document in onedrive.
I currently have 3.1 gb of apps installed by me
System files take up 5.4 gb
All of my data resides in the cloud or on external SD card.
Samsung disabled the android feature and it is not an option to format external SD for internal storage.
I keep deleting apps - clearing all app caches- disabling auto updates and disabling all unnecessary apps.
Several times I have cleared 2 or more gb off using the methods above and and within a few days the memory is full again and will not even open 1 word document from onedrive.
I cannot figure out why the internal storage keeps filling up.
Can anyone help? I need this for work and at this point the tablet is useless.
Well, it would only keep filling if you are either say using apps that add files. Browsers can add tons of stuff to a device. Especially if you don't clear it out after each use. The same goes for places like facebook which constantly add more to the device. Some of your other apps can be doing the same as well. So you may want to check the settings in them and choose which ones you want to keep getting info all the time from, and which ones you do not.

Additionally all your texts (no matter if SMS or MMS) sent through the phones messaging, if you don't clear them out, again more space is taken.

You may want to also check that no apps are being installed by your other apps. Sadly some of them can install new ones without telling you. There is also the ability to 'disable' the apps you do not need/use but are unable to be uninstalled. Look them up first if you don't know what they are or what they are for before disabling them.

Next you may want to check the tablet for viruses, malware and bad apps.

As a last resort you can save your personal files and info off the tablet to say a computer (can't save apps) and then do a full "Hard Reset" of the tablet to start fresh. Then make sure you keep an eye on it before you start adding any apps to see if it stays fine. Then add the apps you want one by one, testing the system in between additions, to see what is the culprit.
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Jul 24, 2019
Thanks I keep lots of open tabs in chrome and that may be the issue-
I also use facebook- how can I delete files these apps have added and prevent this moving forward?
Will clearing cache in these apps solve the issue? uninstall and reinstall?
If you are just looking at those two apps, you should be able to clear the cache and history for the browser. Although it may not clear everything. You could try going into the devices "Settings" and then "Apps" and clear the cache and the data for both apps. That should remove anything on them. Just be sure you save anything you want first. Info, etc., as this should wipe everything on the apps, except the app itself.

Should that not do it, then I would try the uninstall, restart (power off and back on) the device and then reinstall.


Aug 1, 2019
hi,i owned galaxy tab s with 16gb of storage ,and always get full when get updated,so i decide to root the tablet,and link the apps to the sdcard slot,and it was great,

maybe when you did the same like me,you never bored using your tablet because needed a upgrade for a small storage

but remember if you root your device,be carefull,and dont use SuperSU,use magisk instead... :)
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