Question Samsung Galaxy Tab E performance issue


Sep 16, 2012
I have a Samsung Tab E t560 Tablet, and recently I have noticed a performance issue, every action takes a while and is done slowly. Even simple actions like opening YouTube app causes stuttering. Logic says that I should format my tablet and delete all files. But, maybe I should do something else to make the tablet run faster, like update the software version? Or install a custom rom? What do you think?

And I can think about another option, maybe the Tab E is too weak in today’s terms and I should buy a newer tablet, even though a little girl would use it.

Updating the software and/or installing a custom rom won't make it run faster. In all honesty it either/both would make the tablet run even slower.

Now it is a slightly older device, but it had good specs to start out, so while newer ones may get you faster for some things, if this one works well still, I don't see a reason to change. Unless, of course, you actually want a newer device.

It is more likely that the amount of stuff on the tablet, combined with anything that may be on it and not actually installed by you (sometimes apps install other things) can slow down the device. On top of this if the tablet isn't restarted (powered off and back on) regularly, this will also slow it down as the resources used by everything never really are recovered fully until the tablet is restarted.

I would start with clearing off anything you don't really use or need. Then for any apps you can't remove, but never use, try disabling them. Then scan the tablet for viruses, malware, bad apps, etc. (for the bad apps try searching in "Settings" and then "Apps" for anything installed that you didn't choose to install yourself, and didn't come on the phone). After all that is done, restart the tablet. It should work a lot better after this.

If it still isn't faster, or a lot faster, then you can either consider backing up all your stuff to a cloud account or a computer (files, photos, etc. just not apps) and then do a "Hard Reset" of the tablet to get it fully cleaned and ready to start over.

Or, as stated before, if you really want a new one, then you can just buy a new one.
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