Samsung HDTV as Monitor Pixelated


Jun 7, 2013
Recently purchased a 32" Samsung EH5300 HDTV and connected it to my PC with a HDMI-HDMI cable.
It's running at it's native resolution of 1920x1080 and so is the computer. It's also running in PC mode. However all text is very pixelated and every game looks terrible now. There's also a 'shadow' underneath the mouse. (Sitting 2-3 feet back.)

I've searched for fixes but haven't found anything but people saying it's picture perfect, am I just being to picky?


i personally use a 40" 1920x1080p tv from 3-4 feet away and its fine.

this is how i use my 40" 1080p tv

whenever you increase the physical size of a screenwhile keeping the same resolution the picture is not going to be as sharp when viewed at the exact same distance. there is nothing you can do about this fact except to sit further back.

here are some examples expressing this.

for reference here is a quote from our monitor guide stickied in perepherals:

a 1920x1080 resolution (which also equals the number of pixels) has 2202 pixels in a diagonal line from bottom left to top right. since monitors are also measured in a diagonal line from bottom left to top right we can take this number and divide it by the physical size of the monitor to give us our pixels per inch rating. in general the average unaided human eye does not benefit from greater than 300 ppi.

common monitor sizes at 1080P

1920x1080 @ 20" = 110 ppi
1920x1080 @ 22" = 100 ppi
1920x1080 @ 24" = 92 ppi
1920x1080 @ 26" = 85 ppi

common television sizes at 1080p

1920x1080 @ 40" = 55 ppi
1920x1080 @ 42" = 52 ppi
1920x1080 @ 46" = 47 ppi
1920x1080 @ 50" = 44 ppi
1920x1080 @ 60" = 37 ppi

for reference here are some other product ppi numbers

1136x640 @ 4" = 326 ppi, iphone 5 retina display
10000x10000 @ 20" = 707 ppi, prototype lcd display advertised in cpu mag
2560x1600 @ 30" = 100 ppi, dell 30" ultrasharp monitor
1920x1080 @ 5" = 440 ppi, typical 5" 1080p android phone
1280x720 @ 4" = 367 ppi, typical 4" 720p android phone
640x480 @ 32" = 25 ppi, typical 32" 480i crt tube television

what hz rating is the monitor? since you specified pc mode this points to a 100/120hz monitor since pc mode is typically 50/60hz. by game performance are you saying that the picture itself looks terrible or are you having trouble with the panel lagging behind?

another factor which can affect image quality but has nothing to do with pixelation due to the size of the monitor are settings like sharpen, blur, zoom and contrast on your television set.

in windows the standard mouse icon always has a shadow under it. perhaps you never noticed before on a smaller screen.

to me it sounds like you are being picky. sit further back from the screen and you should be fine. i would say another 6" to 12" further.

while 2560x1600 monitors are great they also require much more computer power to game with. if you sit at the recommended distance from the screen depending on its size you wont be able to tell the difference anyways.


Jun 7, 2013
First off thank you for the response!

It's a 60hz TV. The panel and response rate's seem perfectly fine to me.
The picture itself looks absolutely terrible. Tried sitting further back (3 1/2ft) and can still see all the pixels. I've played with the TV settings for hours trying to find something that works, I've gotten it so Text doesn't look too bad but games still are disappointing.

I've read several a few times that using the HDMI-DVI/VGA cables might help?


do you have another monitor around you can use as a test?

if yes then load something up as a test and move closer until you can see the pixels. measure the distance at which you can not see the pixels exactly (use a tape measure) as well as listing what the resolution of the monitor is that you tested on as well as what the exact height and width are of the viewable area on screen.

using this data i could give you a recommended viewing distance for you to try out with the tv.


of course this is assuming that its the actual size of the pixels that is the problem and not some other factor.


i personally use a dvi-to-hdmi cable from pc-to-receiver (which then goes to tv)


Aug 9, 2013
I have a Sony Bravia HDTV LCD 32inch 1080p and a GTX650ti in my PC. I have face non smooth blocky pixels when playing PC games or opening Windows media center.
I fix this by switching games to window mode. Some games have borderless mode which is even better. But of course have your TV set to Game mode.

Hope this helps! Good luck !
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