Solved! Samsung Home Cinema Receiver


Jul 10, 2014
Hi All,

I have just been given 5.1 samsung home cinema speakers but with no AV receiver/ blu ray player etc to hook it up to. The speakers are all speaker ends into the below link type of connector. Is anyone able to point me into the right direction where I could have something to plug these into, and then connect this up to my TV?

I am not having much luck so far on finding anything on it's own they are all with the speakers included which I already have.

My other theory was to cut off those ends and hope they act like normal speaker cables and then hook these up to any receiver that has speaker cable input? Would that work?

Any advise would be appreciated.
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Most HTS systems don't have the subwoofer amp in the subwoofer. AVRs don't have subwoofer amps built in. You will need to get an additional amp to drive the sub you have or a new self powered subwoofer.