Samsung Sound Bar


Aug 10, 2015
I just purchased a sound bar and have a Yamaha Receiver and a Samsung 4K HDTV. I have the following components:
XBOX 360
Satellite Receiver
Klipsch Subwoofer (Wired)
I am trying to see how I could connect my Sound bar to the receiver and have all audio coming from the sound bar whether I am playing my Xbox, watching TV via Comcast or watching Netflix on my Samsung Smart TV.
An audio receiver is designed to work with passive speakers not a self powered soundbar.
If you have to try to get this to work you could convert the front speaker out of the receiver to line level with one of these
and connect that to the line level / aux analog input on the soundbar. The subwoofer would connect to the sub out on the receiver. Set the receiver up for 2.1 sound.
Your sources would all connect to the TV and the TV optical audio out would connect to the receiver.
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