Screen flashing colours no display any help appreciated


Oct 21, 2013
hi all

my little toshiba nb100 isnt displaying properly on boot, it flashes colours white,red,blue,green etc.
it will display correctly on a tv screen using a rgb cable.

i have completely stripped it and put it back together and im still getting the same result so it wasnt a loose cable. there are also no dead pixels and the machine has gotten very little use so i dont think its wear and tear. Could this be malware, a faulty inverter or a faulty lcd screen. the machine isnt worth a lot so i dont want to be throwing money at it if it wont fix the problem. any help at all would be greatly appreciated


It's not malware if it happens durring POST. The inverters sole purpose is to provide AC power to the CCFL backlight bulb inside the screen. It goes to an external screen just fine, so video signal from MoBo is good.

Assuming the video cable is ok (not pinched or broken), it can only leave the laptop screen.

I've seen color bars (like the 'ol-timey TV 'Please Stand By' screen), solid white, tinted & solid colors But flashing colors, I can't say I've seen before.