Selling my gaming laptop(Acer Predator 17)

That One Guy Tanner

Oct 25, 2016
Last month I started my freshman year of college. I needed a laptop, and my mom told me she would buy me one. She bought my sister a MacBook when she went to college, so she suggested getting me that same. I am really into computers, so I spent some time researching, found the Acer Predator, and decided it was perfect. I was trying to decide between the 17 and the 15 inch. My friend came over with his laptop and told me it was a 17 inch and I should get the same. The laptop seemed about the right size so I decided to get it. It turned out his was only a 15 inch, so now I am stuck with a 17 inch laptop when in reality I should have a 15.
My reason for being here is trying to find somewhere to sell this thing. I can not return it to where I bought it, so I need to find a place where someone would be looking for a gaming laptop. I've posted it on craigslist, but in my local area, not many people are interested in gaming laptops.
If anyone could suggest me a website, other than ebay, that people would be looking for gaming laptops I would greatly appreciate it!
That One Guy Tanner
Outside of craigslist and ebay there is not much out there. There are Facebook groups for selling items in local areas, basically Craigslist on Facebook.