Question Sennheiser game one low volume


Jul 15, 2018
Ever since I reinstalled windows my mic volume been super low. This problem always happens to me every time I install new windows but I end up fixing it this time i don't know how... I am thinking its maybe audio drivers? I downloaded the Realtek Audio Driver from my mobo website but didn't fix my issue I am guessing I have to download it from Realtek themselves?

I went to "recording" and put my mic to 100 and <Mod Edit> still low help!
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If this issue keeps happening, and you forget how you fixed it I really suggest you note what you do this time. Or does it just go away on it's own after a while? If that's the case, I would run all the Windows updates and see if that fixes things. Or maybe you just move the mic closer to your mouth and just did not notice that.
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