Sennheiser HD598 setup


Nov 2, 2015
Hello everyone i recently bought a pair of hd 598SE. Im using an intel DH67BL motherboard and logitech z506 5.1 speakers. Im currently connecting my headphones to the speakers which go to the motherboard. I also have an internal sound card creative sound blaster Z which is supposed to be pretty good but for some weird reason i get crappy sound when i connect the headphones directly to it no matter what effects i try. So what I am asking is what can I do to truly take advantage of my headphones when listening to lossles files cuz they are characterised as a high end pair. Should I get an amlifier a DAC or what?Would upgrading to a new pc with a new motherboard make sound coming from the sound card any better? Suggestions needed.
If it sounds bad, then an amplifier is going to amplify the bad as well as the good -- not a good idea. Internal Soundcards are always tricky, no PC is the same due to issues. For any "high end" listening, always use an external soundcard, majority of the real ones (there are fakes) have a built in amplifier as well. They connect via USB, so your internal audio interface is bypassed completely.

We don't know what you mean by bad sound though. A non audiophile can't just answer that question. You'd have to try a lot of different pairs and do several tests on several different sources before you understand how to really tweak/tune what you hear, not to mention, what you hear is not exactly what other people hear.