Setting up headphones male to female to two males 3.5mm question


Jul 23, 2014
Edit (update):

Hi all, so I did some research and managed to get two males connected to a cable, the first male has stereo in, so two cables are connected to that, the second male has mic, based off of their position on what i call their steps.

Im not entirely sure this is going to work, but Im hoping that I've researched enough for it to work, the only problem I have left is connecting these three cables, both the stereo cables and the mic cable to a female 3.5mm audio jack, I cant find anything on which ones to connect them to ?


Hi guys, I recently bought a new headset, the problem is that it only has one audio jack, which means i somehow have to split it into two, so I thought maybe plugging the male audio into a female with two males on the end, which would then allow me to have sound and also use the microphone.

This is the information I can gather,
The headset male 3.5mm male jack has three steps with the forth on the end, or rather three black lines so there's about for sections.

I want to plug that into a female 3.5mm jack, which has the following cables.

1) red
2) silver
3) green (spiral)

I want to connect that female 3.5mm jack up to two males, and they appear as follows.

Each male has two steps, or three sections, they also have two large cables that split, what differs between the two 3.5mm Male audio jacks is the amount of cables on the end and their colors.

The first of these two 3.5mm male audio jacks has three colors on both of its cables

red, silver, green (spiral)

The second of these two 3.5mm male audio jacks has two cables on each of its two cables, so four in total on it, where the first set has a silver cable and a yellow cable, the second set has a silver cable and a red cable.

So my dilemma is knowing how to connect these, from what I gather is that the jacks allow for different things to work by using steps that come into contact with certain parts within the audio/mic in or what ever, therefore I would then have to remove unnecessary cables, and connect those that are necessary according to which step they work on.

But I dont know what these steps mean, so Im hoping someone has information on them, so I can connect the cables together and get my mic/speakers working on my headset.

Thanks who ever is up for the discussion.