Sharing my Amazon Prime account & fire tv video library


Jun 28, 2016
i have added my father to my Amazon Prime account under "household" so that he may share all of my Amazon Prime benefits. I also bought him his own Amazon Fire TV. He is already enjoying the free Prime movies. Is it possible for him to access my video library to share the movies I pay to rent? If not, how do I add a credit balance to my Prime account that BOTH of us can access and use towards future movies rentals?

Math Geek

he can access your library with your log in info. it won't show under his account. i do the same thing and stuff i have rented does not show for the other members of the "household"

since the household can access each others payment info, the easiest way to leave money for "both" of you to use would be for your dad to charge stuff to your card since it is already on the account and accessible to both of you.

i don't think you can have a balance either of you can use though (such as from an amazon gift card). never tried it, that would be a question for amazon support more than likely.

one thing that does suck is by sharing your prime account, he can't use the prime music service unless he pays separately. took me a phone call to figure out why my household could not access prime music with their accounts.