Question Shipping Iphone to Nigeria?

Jul 18, 2019
I am trying to purchase few iPhones and have them shipped to Nigeria, however, I am not sure on whats the best way to proceed with that? I tried getting all kind of information using Fedex or DHL but no clear cut information, I visited Customs website and other sources but nothing clear and firm . I found a door to door service here but does not say what is the Customs part. Risky link removed by Moderator.
from my understanding bringing 10 and more iPhones is challenging but if anyone imports electronic devices to Nigeria and willing to provide any tips, it will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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Saga Lout

If you can afford to buy a dozen iPhones, you could pay for advice as how to avoid Cusoms laws of another country.

I think your link is Spam and therefore I'm removing it. There are charities who would accept such a generous gift and would take them off your hands.
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