Should I buy a refurbished ASUS laptop from Tiger Direct?


Jun 6, 2013

thats alot of money for a refurbished laptop especially consider its using intergrated graphics is it worth it nope

what are you planning to use the laptop for ?

refurbished has alot of risks i bought a refurbed toshiba im using now its had several issues 1 the repair job was clearly done by someone with half a brain

thermal paste was replaces by blue tac which made the laptop overheat.
took it back to shop i bought it from they refused to look at the 3 month warrenty before i even opened it up and fixed it myself due to certain warrentys only cover certain things wrong with it they insisted i done something to it lol.

refurbished means its pretty much been used by anyone thats from a child to a responsible adult and been repaired by the monkeys that repair there crap lol. overall your 667 could buy you a good laptop new or a 50/50 chance of a working laptop.

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