Should I Repair or buy a new one ?


Jul 3, 2017
My laptop's screen is starting to fail (pink vertical strip on the screen).

And I was wondering if it was worth investing more money into it or just try to sell it and buying a new one?

The laptop in question is a Asus G73sw, intel i7 (2nd gen) , 12 gb ram, hd 17'' screen. Still is fairly decent condition (although I'll need to fix touchpad too).

The new screen would cost me around 105-115$.

I've already changed the laptops screen once before, and dismount my laptop on occasion to clean fans, so assembly isn't the problem.
if you have a budget for a new laptop i suggest getting a new one since yours is already a few years behind.repairing is also an option if u need a spare laptop or u are saving up for a new laptop.