Should I buy an extended warranty for my laptop


Dec 29, 2013
I got my first laptop (hp envy 6z) during my senior year of high school, and during my first year of college part of the motherboard which controlled the laptop display stopped working, in my 13th month of owning the computer, 1 month out of warranty. The laptop repair store deemed it unfixable since hp did not release that motherboard for sale. This is where my concern stems from. I recently purchased a lenovo u530 ideapad from best buy for ~$800. Upon reviewing the warranty on, it appears that I have the standard 1 year mail in warranty. For $99 I can get a 3 year warranty that covers computer malfunctions and such. Additionally, for $190 I can get the same 3 year warranty plus accident forgiveness during those 3 years. I've never bought a warranty for anything before in my life, are either of these plans worth it? I have a feeling that they are not and I now have an irrational fear due to a fluke in my first ever laptop.

Vengeful Veteran

Nov 7, 2013
It depends. If you are a person that is extremely clumsy (no offense, I'm clumsy myself too), get the extended warranty. It happened to me, once, and I had to pay a 100 dollars to get my laptop fixed.

If you are short on budget, well, just go with the standard warranty. You might want to take extra care, though. What do you mainly use your laptop for? I personally would go for a Desktop. Upgrading is a breeze, better cooling, etc.
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