Should I get a return my laptop for a different brand?


Dec 27, 2015
I recently got This laptop from Best Buy. I do like it a lot, and I like the features for the price I got it for, however a few things are making me think I should return it (I still can) and get a new one.

One is the fact that the screen is slightly loose. Not a huge deal but it wobbles and it's somewhat annoying, and feels like it's going to break easily. another is random quirks; sometimes the screen blinks on and off because it somehow gets stuck between the screensaver and the normal screen if i dont touch it for awhile. The one hinge crackles now and then. All that, plus I know Dells arent really meant to last more than 3 years or so.

I was wondering if I should take it back and get any of these:

I trust Asus and Toshiba more than Dell but with the features (backlit keyboard, touchscreen which i have since disabled) had me interested at the time.

Which of the four listed would be best if I did switch?