Slow laptop after clean install


Dec 2, 2014
So a few weeks ago my laptop - dell xps l502x - was unable to boot, I had to reinstall windows 7 from the dell recovery partition. Since the clean install I have been encountering problems. When watching videos the video will always freeze, and the audio skip back a few seconds and loop 3 times before both video and audio continuing as normal. This will happen every time I watch a video, sometimes more than once. I've tried VLC, windows media player, DivX player and the problem happens on all of them. I have intel 3000 and nvidia gt540m graphics card for which I have the latest driver (problem happened before updating driver). I've tried disabling AVG whilst watching but this doesn't help either. GPU is around 55 all the time even when video freezes. I've defragmented my harddrive and done windows memory diagnostic and found no problems. The other problem I'm having is that when I transfer files from my hard drive to an external hard drive the speed is very slow around 5 MB/s. Again this is new after the clean install. Can anyone shed any light on this? The only other thing I can think is that I've been using a 90w charger after my 130w broke a few months ago but these problems never happened before.

Intel i7 - 2670QM @2.20 ghz
8.00gb ram
Windows 7 64 bit

Thanks in advance


Apr 16, 2013
In my opinion, and its only an opinion, restoring from recovery partitions isn't a good idea. In my experience, when you restore from a recovery partition you often times are carrying over any issues that you had on the computer from before. These aren't limited to virus/malware and other software issues.

A clean install is actually installing from a disc. Your particular Dell probably came with a recovery disc I bet. Maybe check around for it. If you dont have it, call dell and try to order it from them. If they don't have it look up a third party website to place your order for the recovery disks. is the disc set for your computer

In regards to using a 90w vs a 130watt, check to make sure that the output voltage is the same on both adapters. If it is different, then do not use it. If the output voltage is the same, then you can use it, but keep in mind that it will not function the same. It wont provide enough power for that laptop to charge and be used at the same time. Especially under strenuous tasks. Dell XPS 15 L502x Recovery disk should wipe that computer back to factory and allow you to clean up the partitions in the computer. This way you can be sure you're not carrying over any possible malware or software issues within windows.

Let us know what you would like to do! We can help either way. I would also suggest getting your heavier wattage adapter back up and running asap.
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