Slow laptop internet speed (.74MB Down/1.7 MB Up, 112 ms latency), yet desktop connects fine


Nov 20, 2017
Hello, I have a laptop with very slow internet connection (.74MB/sec Down/1.7 MB/sec Up, 112 ms latency), yet the desktop connects with expected speed. I am the only one home working during the day, and WiFi on my iPhone is turned off so it doesn’t constantly ping. I have an HP Probook4540 running Windows 10, 64 bit OS, 16 GB memory. I connect via wireless (Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 WiFi Adapter) to the internet via Netgear Orbi RBR50 Wireless Router ‑ 3 Gbps ‑ 2.4 GHz. I only have two options here in the country to connect to the internet - wireless or satellite. :-( I was told by our Wireless Internet provider that the wireless channels on the Netgear and the Laptop are likely conflicting and to set the Wireless Router to Channel 11 and Broadcast Channel Width Only to 20 MHz. I don’t see these options on the ORBI wireless Router, so set 2.4 GHz channel from Auto to 11 and 5 GHz channel to 44 (tried 48 as well). The results are no better. Also, we had problems with the old wireless router, so upgraded a couple months ago. I checked and the Wireless router has the latest updates. Same with the Qualcomm- it has the latest updates. Speed issues using both Chrome and Explorer.
Does anyone have any solid suggestions please? Thank you!