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    Solved! Latency Caused by sound card software? - Sound Blasterx AE-5

    uninstalled, removed all folders, installed again in safe mode windows 10 x64 noticed that if I use NONE of the voice settings, all disabled i can hear my mic with no latency once one of those are selected there is 5 - 10 second latency in the mic so why not just disable them.. cause for some...
  2. L

    How to change windows 10 audio latency

    Hi guys I've recently purchased a pair of fully wireless earphones and I love them. The only issue I have with them is the audio lag, as it's not in sync with the media being played. On my phone, I easily fixed this by installing an app called metronome and changing the audio latency to -300ms...
  3. H

    Solved! High driver latency probably causing high frame TIME (not frame RATE) spikes!! (CRITICAL!)

    so basically when i play any game, even an .io game on my browser i get high framet TIME spikes resulting in stutters with high fps. this is what LatencyMon told me, please anyone help me!
  4. M

    DPC Latency Fixes

    Recently I’ve discovered that I’ve had a quite large DPC latency issue. I was wondering what fixes or pieces of advice you could give me on how to solve this problem. Are there certain programs that are usually the culprit, are there some overclocking setting that could do this? Are WiFi drivers...
  5. Sithex

    Static/Buzzing sound when headphones are plugged into microphones heaphone jack

    I just purchased an at2020, my headphones work fine when plugged into my pc. But when I plug it into the microphones headphone port, for 0 latency feedback I receive these sounds: I don't know whether I should return it or theres just a simple fix, answers will be appreciated
  6. N

    Using a receiver for PC sound without lag

    I'm experiencing lag with my new setup. It's minor but noticeable when I play guitar through the computer (Rocksmith). There is a fraction of a second delay. When using computer speakers and no receiver, there's no delay. I just bought a Yamaha receiver with 5.1 speakers. I spoke to Yamaha...
  7. xtobymc

    Any way to fix Bluetooth audio wireless delay for Windows 10?

    I got a new pair of wireless earbuds for Christmas today, not cheap ones either, and I had hoped to use them for many different purposes whether it's my desktop PC or my phone when I'm in the gym. Unfortunately I have discovered that Bluetooth has a rather noticeable audio delay, to the point...
  8. M

    5.1 and Soundbar

    Planning to split HDMI out from a Yamaha receiver to TV and soundbar to boost center sound without latency problems. Will it work?
  9. M

    Slow laptop internet speed (.74MB Down/1.7 MB Up, 112 ms latency), yet desktop connects fine

    Hello, I have a laptop with very slow internet connection (.74MB/sec Down/1.7 MB/sec Up, 112 ms latency), yet the desktop connects with expected speed. I am the only one home working during the day, and WiFi on my iPhone is turned off so it doesn’t constantly ping. I have an HP Probook4540...
  10. A

    What shoild i choose verry confused....(Music Production)

    Sooo i have a laptop GT73VR with ESS Sabre Amp\DAC Combo that i bought for music production...sad thing is i cant use ASIO driver on these i mean i can but sound quality gets really bad (or im a nub so i dont know how to set things up properly) so im forced to use high latency primary...
  11. D

    DPC issues of unknown origin

    I recently got a new case (no other parts were changed) and now suddenly my PC is having issues with audio (caused by DPC according to numerous sources and latencymon) I've done a fresh installation of my operating system and scanned my drives for corruption (none of them were) which leads me...
  12. G

    how to fix audio popping on usb device

    hello i dont know what to do i have now installed a new mobo with a new cpu and now my audio is popping/crackling when i pley music and play games. i check dpc latency and evrything looks fine. update all my drivers, updated bios and check if the problem was the headset. i dont know what is...
  13. A

    HELP ME PLEASE OMG [Audio Crackling]

    So on Christmas i got this new PC that had audio working fine until one day it started to crackle and when i tried to watch YouTube the screen would glitch weirdly. so i went on line looking for people with the same problem or ways to fix it. One way was to set the minimum processor rate from...
  14. D

    Bluetooth, Low Latency, Noise Cancelling Headphones?

    Hi: I use my headphones to watch TV. I can't seem to find any good quality over the ear headphones that have: 1. Bluetooth 2. Active Noise Cancelling 3. Low Latency   I've used Bluetooth noise cancelling phones but they have that latency issue that drives me crazy. I'm willing to spend a...
  15. Netsurfer733

    Fastest remote desktop app = ?

    Hey all. I'm hoping to find a remote desktop app that is very efficient/has the lowest latency when trying to *view* a computer via your cell phone. No need to be able to control a PC, I intend to game directly to a nearby PC with a wireless keyboard that switches between devices. Reason...
  16. M

    Reduce the CPU Usage of These Programs?

    I have a problem where I have prominent crackling and popping when running pretty much any program. I have had this problem in the past as well, when I used to run Windows 10. I recently installed Windows 7 hoping it would fix the problem, yet it merely reduced it. I have now run diagnostics...
  17. thuannt05

    Best setup for sound latency

    I mostly play Rhythm games (Stepmania Pump It Up). So I bought 7.2 Sony HT-M77 for better experience when playing. Since everything is synced to the sound. I want sound-latency to be as low as possible. Sound quality does not matter. The played-music-files that the program use are in .mp3 format...
  18. J

    Choosing between 2 externals DACs, help me decide.

    Due to some interference issues I'd like to pick up an external sound card for my system. The ones that caught my eye are these two...
  19. A

    Mixing RAM / latency conflict?

    Hi - I currently have 2 x 2 gb of this: I want to add 4gb. Can I add this: So the main difference is the latency: 5-5-5-15 and 5-6-6-18 So is it a good...
  20. A

    Down/Upload speed nightmare

    am using a Toshiba Satellite 650-054 and need to get it run at or above ISP down and upload speeds. How can i go about resolving this quickly?
  21. Z

    Very high DPC latency and sound/power management issues on Windows 7 Pro x64, Sandy Bridge i3 HP laptop

    Hi, So this computer (HP Probook 4530s) is not brand new (about 3-4 years old), but has been recently upgraded with brand new WD HDD, Adata RAM and clean install of Windows 7 Professional x64. After setting everything up, DPC Latency spikes are high and cause issues with audio, the issues...
  22. N

    Any way I can monitor my microphone even if it doesnt have a headphone input? Latency free

    So I got myself an MXL 990 XLR microphone, and I'd like to monitor the sound of my voice without latency, but it doesnt have a headphone input, is there any way I can monitor my voice latency free via a mixer or something? Is it possible?
  23. B

    (educate a noob) can you teach me a little about bit depth and latency

    I have win7, xonard dgx, dt 990 and desktop speakers. I have the option to change things such as bit depth, latency, sample rate. What do these terms mean? What's the best quality for audiophile headphones? Also what does SPIF mean? Really appreciate the help. Thank you!
  24. toronado

    webcam - monitoring locally with low-latency & fullscreen?

    I want to locally monitor (not broadcast) my Logitech C615 webcam on my PC or Mac in fullscreen (or a large window) with low latency. If I use the Logitech software there is low latency but I'm limited to only a very small window. VLC allows any size window, up to fullscreen, but there is high...
  25. J

    HDMI length and latency...

    I am trying to connect my PC to the TV which is around 10m away and for that I would need 10m(30ft) to 15m(50ft) long HDMI cable. I would use it for gaming so I would like to know if there is any extra latency at this distance. I know there is some signal lose on cables longer than 15m so...
  26. R

    Creative X-Fi Titanium HD VS. Auzen X-Fi Prelude

    I am about to buy a new sound card. I am interested in an audiophile card for reproducing high quality music (i mostly listen through headphones) and ALSO making music. I know they are not exactly aimed to home recording but both have a mode dedicated to audio creation so there must be some...
  27. A

    DPC latency problems after installing gpu drivers

    Ok I have done my best to narrow down this problem before asking for help, and I have trawled the internet for answers. So please save me! I sometimes have pops and clicks in my audio, seemingly caused by high dpc latency. So this distortion + latency is quite predictable, it happens when I...
  28. R

    ASUS Xonar DX PCI-E and Latency issue .

    Does anyone know about the latency issue on ASUS Xonar DX sound card? I am talking about almost one second latency on direct monitoring from Microphone to outpout. I have the same problem with my X-FI Xtreme audio by Creative, and i was about to go on this card. Then a review came up with that...
  29. P

    Will a sound card reduce my latency

    So i use FL studio 11 for recording my guitar that i plug into my Tascam US-122MKII audio interface and i use asio4all sound drivers which output to my computer speakers. I have had to the buffer size to 1024 samples to stop the crackles and pops on the audio track but by doing this i am getting...
  30. L

    Best Low latency version of Skype

    Please I need to know because skype uses so much latency! Thanks in advance
  31. R

    PC Sound Latency Problem

    Hi everyone! So basically i have have a problem with sound latency and its more than a slight one, the person on the screen will say a word with there mouth and the sound wont come out until they start or are halfway through their next word. Just to give you an idea of how long it is as for...
  32. A

    MIDI Problems, sound latency and how can I fix it? help needed

    So, I'm thinking of buying an external sound card for several reasons but on the most important is that whenever I connect my keyboard to the pc there is a delay between me pressing the key and the sound being played and I wanted to fix this I've messed around with the FL Studio setting a while...
  33. X

    How does the Leatrix Latency Fix Work?

    I am curious as to what the leatrix latency fix actually does. Will it decrease other people's ping on my server? What will decrease other's ping on my server?
  34. A

    Seeking Audio Amplifier with Latency Adjustment

    Hello, I have been looking to hook up some stereo speakers to my 2008 Mac Pro through an amplifier/receiver, by running a 3.5mm to RCA cable from the Mac Pro to an amp. (Unbalanced, I know, but will only be for basic monitoring.) LCD monitor is hooked up through DVI. Due to the latency...
  35. S

    Integrated Graphics vs Audio Latency

    Hello to you all. I will be buying a Z68 based mobo for an audio recording application. My question is relating to getting and using a board with integrated graphics or not. It seems I have a choice which might impact on either latency or noise. Obviously a great deal of graphics processing...
  36. exfileme

    Diablo 3 Combat Will Be Lag-Free; PayPal Supported

    Diablo 3 F&F beta testers are claiming zero combat latency. Meanwhile, Blizzard launched an online character creator while announcing a partnership with PayPal. Diablo 3 Combat Will Be Lag-Free; PayPal Supported : Read more
  37. G

    Solved! New dell xps 15 massive jump in latency

    hi all. i just bought a new dell xps 15 and i selected the Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6230 wifi card to go with it for better online gaming. i generally play league of legends but im experiencing some problems with my latency. it usually hovers around 200, but there will be a sudden jump in...
  38. S

    Why isn't cubase working on my soundcard anymore

    Hello, I've recorded on cubase before using the generic low latency asio and it no longer works anymore, when I switch it on all sound on my pc goes off even after I turn the driver off in cubase and even after I turn cubase of all together, I think it might be the soundcard, but I want to...
  39. X

    DPC latency problems

    Well I recently bought an Audio Kontrol 1 and have since run into some problems. I have it installed correctly with newest drivers but when I hook up my speakers: only 1 speaker SOMETIMES works and if the audio is playing it constantly breaks out and you can hear loud static. I have always had...
  40. Zracko

    Latency sucks!

    a Sound card that has very low latency , to connect my guitar to my rig ?
  41. P

    Latency question for firewire users

    Archived from groups:, (More info?) I'm going to get an M-Audio Firewire 410 for my laptop, and would like to know if it will solve my desktop issues as well, which is needing more outputs for my mixer, so I can adjust different channels in the mixer temporarily...
  42. G

    Buffer size...?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm looking at low-cost USB and Firewire audio/midi boxes with the potential for low latency performance (not just direct hardware input monitoring) via midi in. So far, the most promising is the Tascam US-122 and the M-Audio Firewire...
  43. G

    audio latency with dvd player WAS [help with setup please]

    Archived from groups: (More info?) now that I have reconfigured my setup to allow for the recording of DVDs on my RTV, I have an audio latency problem. When I play a DVD the audio comes about 2 seconds late and the actors look like they are out of an old kung fu movie...
  44. G

    Never mind (was:PCI Latency Setting in BIOS)

    Ok, I figured out how to get into my mom's Gateway BIOS. There are no settings for o/c'ing the CPU, but I can adjust the PCI Latency setting. It is currently set at 64. I was wondering if lowering this setting will improve the CpF average in S@H? Right now, it's showing and average of 9.xx CpF...