DPC latency problems


Dec 15, 2009
Well I recently bought an Audio Kontrol 1 and have since run into some problems. I have it installed correctly with newest drivers but when I hook up my speakers: only 1 speaker SOMETIMES works and if the audio is playing it constantly breaks out and you can hear loud static.

I have always had some audio problems with this PC (static clicks every so often with audio) but could never figure out the problem.

Today I talked to customer service about my AK1 and he told me to download DPC latency checker to see if there were problems there and it turns out there are major problems.

My latency alternates from about 150 then to about 26000 every check. I've tried disabling several things via device manager, including unplugging AK1 and everything else besides the monitor with no success.

My system:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (beta)
AMD phenon x4 - 920
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4P
4 GB ram
GTX 260

Could it have to do with me using Windows 7?


DPC latency is proving to be a huge problem for usb/firewire audio. Basically everything over a data cable sucks and you should stick to PCI / Expresscard whenever possible.

I too have an Audio Kontrol, on a dell laptop, and under Vista and Windows 7, audio completely drops out for seconds at a time. I've been dual booting with Windows XP, and it's far less of an issue. I DO get clicks and pops on occasion but don't lose audio all together.

The issue is either crappy device drivers, or processor management. So yeah, installing XP *may* get you by... in certain cases I have heard of people contacting the motherboard manufacturer RE: DPC latency and them providing an alternative BIOS... good luck with that :/
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