HELP ME PLEASE OMG [Audio Crackling]


Apr 5, 2017
So on Christmas i got this new PC that had audio working fine until one day it started to crackle and when i tried to watch YouTube the screen would glitch weirdly.

so i went on line looking for people with the same problem or ways to fix it. One way was to set the minimum processor rate from 5% to 100% and that worked for a while but then it stopped working another one was to reinstall the driver but it didn't work either. So then i went online and found a cheap external sound card because my PC is small, cause it can only fit one GPU, so i cant get a internal sound card. The sound card is the Creative Sound blasterX G1 and that worked to for a couple of seconds and then stopped working (Note: I'm still using the external sound card). Now when im in games like Watch Dogs 2 and Overwatch the sound is fine but then i go to geometry dash the audio crackles and i don't know why or how, its weird why it only works for some games. Plus I've also tried my headset in my phone and the audio is clear so its not my headset.

[Update: Overwatch and watchdogs 2 are now having the crackly audio i don't know why they didn't have it before but they have it now]

PC specs:
Intel Core i5-6500 CPU

64bit windows 10

GPU Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB

B150m Pro gaming mother board

DPC latency checker

Audio [video=""][/video]
YT Glitch [video=""][/video]



1| Have you made sure your motherboard BIOS is up to date?
2| Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the audio drivers for your sound card? It's kind of hard for me to follow but are you currently on the USB sound card or the onboard Realtek soundcard? If the external soundcard, you will need to disable the onboard audio within BIOS.
3| I've edited your post to make the post a little comprehensible. Kind of hard to read through a wall of text.


Apr 5, 2017

I did it but it hasn't fix anything
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