Small (very small) pc speakers


Nov 28, 2017

I'm looking for some ideas as I am at a loss here.

I have a very small pc console, tower on the wall, monitor also on the wall.
I need a set of speakers that take up no space at all, so options:

- Very small speakers on desk
- Wall speakers (not to bulky)
- Soundbar
- Fake wall behind the desk to accommodate car speakers or similar (how thin can they be?)
- Other crazy idea (really, my living room is a creative pot of crazy so the more the merrier)

The main use would be music streaming and some gaming.

I do have space for a small(ish) subwoofer below the desk (not the floor).
And I can place a small amp on the drawers.

Mostly I want to keep the desk/console free of stuff.

Budget preferably below $100,00. The pc ain't worth that.

I had an idea to use wall speakers if I can get a decent small set (the ones that go straight on the wall, like a surface mount socket or switch).


After posting, I found these:

Are they worth it with a proper amp or plain rubish?